Make the pain a weapon

IMG_1413 - Version 3
Chalk pastel by my dearest friend Deirdre Veaney.

A few years ago my world got turned upside down, and suddenly the faith I’d had as a support for my entire life became the thing that was destroying me.

My therapy has been writing, dancing and embroidering. This blog will be a random selection of the reflections, some deep and some silly, that come about from my creative pursuits. There might be the odd short story.

You should know from the outset that I am an obsessed belly dancer, and this comes up in almost everything I write about.

I love this quote from Otep, a female heavy metal singer: “Art saves. Make the pain a weapon you can use.”

Reading about other people’s journeys has helped and inspired me, and I’d like to share about how discovering my creative side made a refuge for me, and encouraged me to dream again.

It’s a bit scary to bare my soul in this way, but I hope that I can be part of the healing process for someone, as others have been for me.

I will never again be the person I was for so long, and sometimes that makes me sad. But I look at what the pain has brought out of me, and I like this place I’m in now.

It’s more raw, but it’s real.


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