How to survive your day job: An homage to hobbies

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Doing something for me

A random Google search for quotes about work turned up this gem:

‘A job isn’t just a job. It’s who you are.’

Who comes up with this crap? If that were true, I’d hold grave fears for the future of the human race. (I kind of do anyway, but for other reasons.)

Last year I spent countless hours at a mind-numbing job, and if I hadn’t had dancing to daydream about I possibly would have gone mad. I sketched costume ideas, wrote out choreographies, and scribbled down story ideas while trying not to watch the clock.

I seized on any scrappy bit of paper I could find to jot down ideas and keep myself sane

Today I came home and worked on a potential blog post, polishing it ready for public view. I can’t describe how happy it made me feel to craft and produce something.

I had left work with that usual mix of slight guilt at not doing enough and slight depression that I can probably never do enough. Teaching is a great job in many ways, but if you’re not careful it will break your heart. For me to come home and escape to another world has become a necessary antidote.

There are many of us who probably wish their hobbies could also be their income source, but alas, we’re either not good enough, not in demand, or there is some other harsh reality reason as to why it just won’t happen.

But on the other hand, if we didn’t have these hobbies, these times where we get to be our other selves, to be carried away from the stress, boredom or sadness that our daily lives can contain, where would we end up? Maybe the government should subsidise hobbies, considering the mental health therapy they provide.

Because it’s fun

I salute the cosplayers, the rockhounds, the model train makers, the artists, and of course, the dancers, who get through every day as best they can and then enjoy the brief moments of freedom their hobbies give them. I might have laughed at you once, in the carelessness of youth, but I understand you now.

Maybe we’d take it for granted if we could do it all day every day. Maybe it would become a burden if we had to rely on it to make money for us.

Maybe the pleasure is heightened by the pain, and so, in the end, we can be thankful for the chains.

I’ll try and believe that. It’s certainly a more appealing thought than letting my job swallow me whole.


5 thoughts on “How to survive your day job: An homage to hobbies

  1. My job is definitely not who I am, though sometimes (really sometimes) it can be a channel for my self. Sometimes it can be a block for myself as well..but I digress.
    I say, construct your world for yourself and you’ll be much happier.


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